Our mission is to promote the brain health of all citizens within the Greater Dayton Area by providing counsel and financial support to ensure: Ready access to brain health services; Delivery of effective brain health treatment and support services; and Collaboration among systems impacting people with a brain disorder. Our mission will be supported by receiving benevolent gifts, accounting for and managing resources efficiently, understanding thoroughly the brain health needs and resources of the community, identifying opportunities and allocating resources to achieve the greatest positive impact upon brain health among the area’s citizens.


We envision a future when: Brain disorders are prevented; Brain disorders are detected early and appropriate interventions are immediately applied; Everyone with a brain disorder, at any stage of life, has ready access to effective treatment and supports at a reasonable cost; and Every citizen of the Greater Dayton Area with a brain disorder will recover – able to live, work, learn and participate fully in the community.


In both ourselves and those we support, we value: Personal and organizational integrity; Commitment to the delivery of effective brain health treatment and support services; Respectful partnerships among policy-makers,  payers, service providers and people with a mental illness; and Programs that support self-determination by people with a brain disorder and their families.



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